Where does the name come from?

The company was originally formed around the idea to create an app for people to

order and pay for their daily milk delivery, we then removed a vowel and the name uddr was born! We soon realised that the app could work for ‘uddr’ services and now we have created a one-stop-shop to find and contact all types of businesses and services in your local area.


How much does the app cost to use?

The app is free and always will be for users to download and use.


How many users does uddr have?

We currently have over 5,000 app users across both our iOS and Android apps (as of May 2020).


What type of company can be on uddr?

There is a place for any company on uddr! From windows to weddings, plasterers to

poets, we’ve got it all. Our app works for all types of businesses no matter the size or type.


What business categories are on the app?

Our partner family is growing every day (over 350 as of September 2020), with more and more types of businesses discovering the uddr way. We currently have the following categories: 

  • Tradespeople
  • Financial Services
  • Auto Services
  • Transport/Logistics
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Business Services
  • Electronics
  • Home Improvement
  • Legal Services
  • Beauty & Aesthetics
  • Entertainment
  • Wedding Services
  • Gardens & Trees
  • Pet Care
  • Travel
  • Health & Sports
  • Photography
  • Adult Learning
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Food & Drink
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Milk & Dairy
  • Men’s Barbering
  • News & Reference
  • Property
  • Charity
  • Local History           

My company doesn’t fit one of these? Don’t worry, we’ll just create a new one for you!


Can my company be listed in more than one category?

As an uddr partner you can be featured in up to three categories on the app at no extra charge (provided they are relevant to what you do).


Can I update my images, description and links on the app if I need to?

Want to refresh your uddr profile? Had a rebrand? Offering a new service? uddr gives you complete real-time control over all your images, links and content. Just log in to the partner system and update within minutes. Contact the uddr team now to get your login at hello@uddr.co.uk.


Do I have to have a mobile number with WhatsApp?

Although we highly recommend you do, to not miss out on any enquiries, having a WhatsApp number on your uddr profile is not a must. You can also add your Facebook messenger link to offer users the ability to contact you through there as well. Also, if you wish, we can simply just add your landline number and/or email address in your company description so people know how to contact you.


How much does it cost to feature my company?

This is the best bit! We designed uddr to support the growth of companies of all sizes, that’s why it costs just £120 to feature your company on our apps…..for a whole year! That’s just £10 a month, £2.30 a week or just 32p a day!


Are there any extra costs for submitting quotes, accepting jobs etc.?

The price you pay is the price you pay, no hidden nasties or extras here! We will never charge you extra to receive enquiries or for how many jobs you get through the app, that’s just not how we roll.


What do I get as part of my subscription and profile?

As an uddr partner you get all of the following as standard:

  • Your company featured on our iOS & Android apps
  • A full company description
  • Image gallery
  • Website or social media page link
  • Google maps location link
  • WhatsApp and/or Facebook Messenger contact button/s
  • Customer reviews system
  • Shout outs on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages(over 11,000 followers as of May 2020)
  • Access to the uddr partners Facebook group (private group with all other business owners in)
  • A listing on our website
  • Access to the partner portal to update any content as and when you wish


Okay I’m in! How do I get my company on uddr?

You can get your company on uddr, today! Visit our joining page now to view our packages. Click here.

Need to talk to one of the uddr guys about getting your business on the app? Simply fill out the enquiry form here and one of the uddr guys will be in touch to get you started.