Supplier Needed


Uddr is a marketplace of local services for businesses and consumers. we have successfully built a technology platform and mobile application and launched our minimum viable solution, which has gained solid market traction. We are looking to enhance our platform to offer website content management and creation for non-technical users, which will provide businesses with a website presence in addition to a listing on our mobile app marketplace. We are therefore looking for a supplier to provide a proposal and costs to undertake the delivery of the content management solution on our existing technology stack.


We are looking for suppliers with demonstrable expertise in the following technologies:

AWS, Google Firebase

NoSQL, MongoDB

NodeJS, Flutter, ReactJS

iOS, Android

Webflow CMS, Headless CMS

Experience with the Uddr technology platform is desirable


Web content management component

Open source CMS integration or custom build

Simple, intuitive, content entry user interface

Template and component library

Simple workflow and publishing process

Project outline

The budget for the project is a maximum of £70,000 excluding VAT.

The timeline for the project is 3 months from discovery through to live.

Application process

Please send your written proposal in PDF format to to include the following sections:

Executive summary

Company overview

Technical approach

Ways of working


Cost breakdown

Case Studies

No more than 200 words per section

Application timeline

Published: 3rd January 2022

Closes: 14th January 2022

Award: 20th January 2022