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Who or what is uddr?

Uddr is your place for all local services.  Using our simple to use app, you can find local services and products such as milk delivery or window cleaning services purely based on your location.  You can promptly find and contact the services you need.  Our dedicated support team is always on hand to guide you through this process.  We’re always adding exciting new services and businesses.

Uddr is a Private Limited by Shares registered in England & Wales Company number 11678015. Our registered office is at 59 Oakland’s Road, Sebastopol, Pontypool NP4 5BZ hereinafter referred to as ‘ Uddr‘, ‘ We ‘, ‘ Us‘ or ‘ Our‘ set out the following terms and conditions upon which Uddr offers a licence to a consumer, herein referred to as ‘ You‘, ‘ Your‘ or ‘ UU‘ to use the offered services, produce ordering, order processing via the application (the ‘ Uddr Platform‘) accessible via www.uddr.co.uk (the ‘ Uddr Site‘) or direct from the relevant appstore i.e. Apple Appstore of Google Playstore (the ‘ Terms‘). These Terms incorporate Our App Licence, Our Cookie Policy, and the Privacy Statement by this reference (collectively called the ‘ Uddr Licence’).

The App is further licensed to You subject to any rules or policies applied by any appstore provider or operator (the ‘Appstore Rules‘) from whose site You download or stream the App from (the ‘Appstore‘). For the avoidance of doubt, We do not sell the App to You. We remain the owners of the App at all times.


A. Uddr operates a mobile technology platform, accessed through the Uddr application (the ‘App’), that connects registered users of the App (each service provider ‘SP’ OR ‘UU‘ otherwise known as a ‘Uddr User‘) with each other and third party providers of delivery or services.

B. The App enables UUs to place Orders with specific SPs for a specific number of specific Item(s) (‘Orders‘) subject to availability, You must show evidence of Your Order Confirmation to the SP upon request. Please also check that the Item(s)/service(s) received correspond to the Item(s) in Your UU Order Details. These are Your responsibility.

C. The parties have agreed that Uddr shall provide certain services to the SP in connection with the placing of Orders via the App and the UU’s fulfilment of them, subject to, and in accordance with, the Terms herein (‘Uddr Services‘).

D. Uddr shall provide:

a. receipt, and transmission to the UU, of Orders placed by UUs via the App for Item(s)/Services(s) supplied by the SP; and,

b. in connection with certain Orders from and to certain locations within the selected postcode area, facilitate the connection between the relevant SP. The nominated SP operates within this prescribed delivery/service area only to ensure that the UU’s Item(s)/service(s) reach Your door when they are at their best. If You live outside the postcode area, the app will not offer SPs servicing to you.

E. The contract of sale in relation to any Item(s) ordered by a UU from an SP via the App is made between the SP and the UU. It is not with Uddr. If a UU has any complaint in relation to the quality of the Item(s)/service(s), The SP is the first and only point of contact.  For any issues relating to the workings of the app, SPs will contact Uddr directly.

F. In relation to food products sold and supplied by a SP.  If You are in doubt about allergy warnings, contents of a dish or any other menu information, You are advised to confirm this with the SP directly before placing Your Order. SPs may use nuts in the preparation of certain Item(s). Uddr cannot guarantee on behalf of SPs that the Item(s) are free of allergens.

G. All Item(s)/Services(s) are subject to availability.

1. Definitions

The definitions to be read with these Terms are set out in full at Clause 19.

2. General

2.1 By using any of the Uddr Services via the Uddr Site or the App, You expressly agree to be bound by these Terms and all applicable legislation and codes governing the use of the Uddr Services. These Terms form a legally binding agreement between You and Uddr in relation to Your use of the Uddr Services and applies to all UUs.

2.2 You should read these Terms carefully and ensure that You understand their effect before proceeding to use the Uddr Services. If You disagree with any part of these Terms, do not use the Uddr Site or the App for the purpose of accessing the Uddr Services. If You violate these Terms, Uddr may terminate Your use of the Uddr Site and/ or the App, bar You from future use of the Uddr Site and/ or the App and/or take appropriate legal action against You. We may also terminate Your UU Account without notice or liability where there has been in excess of six (6) months continuous non-use.

2.3 We reserve the right to modify these Terms at any time without notice or liability to You including but not limited to all aspects of the Uddr Services such as timings, service offerings, Item Pricing. Any changes We may make to these Terms in the future will be posted on this page and, where appropriate, notified to You by SMS or by email or, when You next start the App or use the Uddr Site to access the Uddr Services, the new terms may be displayed on-screen and You may be required to read and accept them to continue.

3. Uddr Services

3.1 Uddr is dedicated to facilitating an on-demand, self-service, tasty, flexible, ethical and exclusive online venue whereupon You can:

a. download the App and register to become a UU with a UU Login and UU Account to access the Uddr Services on the App and the SP Services via the App;

b. scroll through a list of SP’s offered by Our SP Partners, (each an ‘ Item‘) on a interface by location search;

c. click the service or Item/product You require to get more information about it and/ or add it straight to Your basket;

d. review Your Order in Your basket, select delivery date/time (if applicable). Await partner acceptance of pending order.

e. As a ‘UU’ making an order, no funds will be passed to the SP until confirmation has been made by SP that the order has been accepted. The UU will receive a notification of this via the app.

f. view past Orders;

3.2 Order Completion Delay: In the event that an Order/Service is delayed for any reason, it is the responsibility of the SP to make contact with the UU.

3.3 SP cancellation: In the event that the SP cancels an Order, You will receive a Notification. You will be refunded any prepayment made. The reimbursement will usually use the same method You used to pay for Your Order.

3.4 UU Cancellation: The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 (‘ CCRs‘) right for consumers i.e. UUs to change their minds when buying goods/ services at a distance do not apply to these Terms as perishable goods which may deteriorate are exempt from the CCRs.

3.5 All Item(s)/Service(s) are individually priced by Our SPs. Item Pricing is volatile in a competitive (and flexible) marketplace and prices are therefore updated regularly so they may change from time to time. Notwithstanding this, once an Order is placed, the price payable shall remain the price at the time of ordering and shall not be superseded by any subsequent price which is higher or lower than the price payable in Your original UU Order Details.

3.6 Uddr Promotions: From time to time, Uddr may provide You with Uddr Promotions by way of discount vouchers. Provided You submit these with Your Order within any applicable Uddr Promotion Window, these will be processed accordingly. Please note that no more than one (1) Uddr Promotion can be redeemed against any one (1) same Order. A Uddr Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other Uddr Promotion.

3.7 Ownership & Risk: Uddr cannot take physical responsibility or ownership of Item(s)/Service(s) since We are a software company and are not handling any of the Item(s)/Services(s) which are sold/bought through the application.

3.8 UU Services and UU Service Terms: You acknowledge that the Uddr App will indicate available timings for completion of an Order/Service(s). You further acknowledge and accept that Uddr are solely responsible for the provision of the Uddr Services (as defined) and it is the relevant SP from which You purchase Your Item(s)/Service(s) that is solely responsible for the following in the provision of the SP Services (which shall be governed by the UU Service Terms):

a. providing the SP Services with due care, skill and ability and to the highest standards expected of those in the relevant industry;

b. ensuring that the Uddr order dates/times agreed in Your UU Order Details are adhered to as closely as possible but acknowledging that small delays may be inevitable;

c. the manufacturing, sale, purchase, storage, preparation, production, processing, marking, delivery, quality, ingredients, allergens and/ or handling of the Item(s);

d. keeping the description of the Item(s)/Services(s) factually correct and up-to-date and ensuring stock levels of Item(s) and the ability to complete services(s) marked as available can be achieved;

e. ensuring honesty and truthfulness about their ability to carry out the SP Services; and complying with all applicable legislation, including with respect to all the aforesaid.

4. Sign-Up

4.1 To make optimum use of the Uddr Site and the App to access the Uddr Services, You must download the App in accordance with the App Licence and register to become a UU. You will need to enter Your name, password, date of birth and email, address and credit/debit card details] and accept all the terms of the Uddr Licence. Your application will undergo verification by SMS or email. Successful verification will result in the activation of a unique login (‘UU Login‘) which will enable You to access Your UU Account. Your email and Your chosen password will constitute Your UU Login and You shall receive a welcome email from Uddr Ltd.

4.2 You will keep Your UU Login relevant to the App and the Uddr Services confidential and will not reveal it to anyone else. You are responsible for all activities that are carried out under Your UU Login. We will not be liable where Your UU Login is unlawfully used by another.

4.3 You agree to notify Uddr immediately by email to uddrservices@gmail.com of any unauthorised use of Your UU Login or UU Account of which You become aware. You will not create additional accounts for the purpose of abusing the functionality of the Uddr Site or the App or other registered UUs or for any other reason in breach of these Terms.

4.4 Although Uddr cannot monitor the conduct of UUs off the Uddr Site or the App, it is a violation to use any information obtained from this Uddr Site in order to harass, abuse, or harm another person, or in order to contact, advertise to, solicit or sell to any SP or UU without their prior explicit consent.

4.5 You may not transfer ownership or sell Your UU Account to a third party.

4.6 UUs who do not comply with these Terms may be subject to review, which can result in suspension of UU Account privileges and/or termination at any time. This includes all accounts by virtue of association.

5. Uddr Obligations

5.1 Uddr agrees to:

a. provide the platform Uddr with all due care, skill and ability;

b. devote as much time to the provision of the Uddr Services as may be necessary for their proper performance;

c. conduct all Uddr Services in accordance with the applicable legislation and codes;

d. provide promptly and give to a UU all such information as they may reasonably require in connection with the provision of the Uddr Services;

e. provide a response in a timely manner to any requests for technical support (in relation to the use of the Uddr Site, SP Admin sites or the App only).

5.2 We specifically work as an agent for the SP to collect payments on their behalf. That means that payments by the You for Items/services(s) and/or delivery are collected by Us on behalf of the SP but We only make revenue through charging the SP for our Service.

a. A small transactional charge is applied to all UU orders to cover admin fees.

6. Availability and Security of the Uddr Site of The App

6.1 Uddr shall, during the Term, provide the Uddr Platform to You on, and subject to, the terms of the Uddr Licence.

6.2 We are entitled to make such changes to the specification, functionality and features of the Uddr Software and the Uddr Platform We desire at Our entire sole discretion but shall provide notice of the same to UU where We deem necessary.

6.3 The Uddr Site and the App and its content and the Uddr Services are delivered on an “as-is” and “as-available” basis. Uddr makes no representations, warranties or guarantees, whether express or implied, that the App or any content on it: (i) will always be available or be uninterrupted; (ii) will be error-free, accurate, complete or up-to-date; or (iii) will be secure or free from bugs or Viruses. Uddr will not be liable to You if, for any reason, the App is unavailable at any time or for any period. You must not use the App in any unlawful manner, for any unlawful purpose, or in any manner inconsistent with the Uddr Licence; and not infringe Our Intellectual Property Rights or those of any third party in relation to Your use of App (to the extent that such use is not licensed by the Uddr Licence).

6.4 We shall use commercially reasonable endeavours to make the Uddr Platform available twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, except for:

a. planned maintenance carried outside of Uddr Business Hours; and,

b. unscheduled emergency maintenance as may be required from time to time.

10.5 We will, and at no additional cost to You, provide You with Our support services at all reasonable times and on a non-exclusive basis.

7. Data Protection and Confidentiality

In respect of any Personal Data (as defined in the Data Protection Legislation) processed by Uddr pursuant to the Uddr Services, Uddr warrants and undertakes that it complies, and will continue to comply with, all applicable Data Protection Legislation, and, shall comply at all times with the terms and conditions of the Uddr Privacy Statement and the Cookie Policy which apply in full to Your use of the Uddr Site and the App to access the Uddr Services. During sign-up, You authorise Uddr to make available the following via the App in accordance with the Privacy Statement:

a. provide Your full name and phone number to facilitate the processing of Your Order; and,

b. provide Your full name, phone number and address to the relevant SP solely for the purposes of enabling it to fulfil the delivery of services/products in respect of the Order placed by the UU.

8. UU Complaints

Uddr tries to meet the highest standards when providing the Uddr Services via the Uddr Site and the App. We take any UU Complaints We receive about this very seriously. We are the first point of contact for all UU Complaints and We welcome any suggestions for improving Our procedures. We are responsible for solving any disagreements quickly and efficiently. If You are not happy with the way Uddr deals with any UU Complaint and You wish to take court proceedings, You must do this within England. Relevant English law will apply to these Terms in accordance with Clause 19.

9. Termination

9.1 Subject to earlier termination in accordance with this Clause 9 and to the remaining Terms, the Uddr Licence shall take effect on the Commencement Date (as defined) and shall continue in full force and effect until terminated by either party at any time. You can terminate by having Your SP Account and SP Login disabled and deleted. We may terminate Your access in the same way with immediate effect and for any reason. We shall notify You by email or post. For the avoidance of doubt, as a SP, You can freely close Your SP Account at any time but all outstanding obligations owed to Uddr (or a UU as the case may be) shall continue.

9.2 On termination of the Uddr Licence for any reason:

a. all Uddr App Licensed Rights granted to You under the App Licence shall cease (and for the avoidance of doubt, any additional rights granted under the other provisions of the Uddr Licence);

b. You must immediately cease all activities authorised by the Uddr Licence, including Your use of any Uddr Services;

c. You must immediately delete or remove the App from all Devices, and immediately destroy all copies of the App then in Your possession, custody or control and certify to Us that You have done so upon request. We may, at Our discretion, remotely access the Devices and remove the App from all of them and cease providing You with access to the Uddr Services and the Appstore. In such event, You shall be liable for all reasonable costs incurred by Uddr if Uddr have to implement this action following any inaction by You; and,

d. Our accrued rights as at termination, or the continuation after termination of any provision expressly stated to survive or implicitly surviving termination shall not be affected or prejudiced.

10. General Restrictions on Use

Subject to the following express restrictions, Uddr grants You permission to use the Uddr Site or the App to access the Uddr Services on the Uddr Platform. You may view Uddr Site or App pages, download Uddr Site or App pages (for caching purposes only) and print Uddr Site or App pages (excluding the Uddr Site or App images) and retain a copy of the same solely for Your own personal, non-commercial use. You agree that Your failure to adhere to any of these restrictions shall constitute a breach of these Terms on Your part. You agree:

a. not to copy the App or the Uddr Site except where such copying is incidental to normal use of the App or the Uddr Site, or where it is necessary for the purpose of back-up or operational security;

b. not to sell, lease, sub-license, rent, loan, translate, merge, adapt, vary, modify, distribute or otherwise exploit the App, the Uddr Site or any Uddr Content for any other purposes without the prior written consent of Uddr or the respective licensors of the Uddr;

c. not to, reverse-engineer or create derivative works based on the whole or any part of the App, the Uddr Site, the Uddr Services or the Uddr Content in any medium without Uddr’s prior written authorisation or attempt to do any such thing except to the extent that (by virtue of section 296A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988) such actions cannot be prohibited because they are essential for the purpose of achieving inter-operability of the App with another software program, and provided that the information obtained by You during such activities:

i. is used only for the purpose of achieving inter-operability of the App or the Uddr Site with another software program;
ii. is not unnecessarily disclosed or communicated without Our prior written consent to any third party; and
iii. is not used to create any software that is substantially similar to the App or the Uddr Site.

d. to include Our copyright notice on all entire and partial copies You make on any medium;

e. not to establish a link in such a way as to suggest any form of association, approval or endorsement on Our part where none exists;

f. not to alter or modify any part of the Uddr Site, the App, the Uddr Content or any of the Uddr Services or permit the Uddr Site, the App, the Uddr Content or any of the Uddr Services or any part of the same to be combined with, or become incorporated in, any other programs or to be used in any way which is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful, or in connection with any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful purpose or activity;

g. not to access Uddr Content through any technology or means other than the Uddr Site or the App itself or such other means as Uddr may explicitly designate for this purpose;

h. not to access or attempt to use the SP Login of other SPs or penetrate or attempt to penetrate Uddr’s security measures;

i. not use the App, the Uddr Site or the Uddr Services in any unlawful manner, for any unlawful purpose, or in any manner inconsistent with the Terms herein, or act fraudulently or maliciously, for example, by hacking into or inserting malicious code, including Viruses, or harmful data, into the App, the Uddr Site or the Uddr Services or any operating system;

j. not to (or attempt to) circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with any security related features of the Uddr Site or the App or the Uddr Services or features that (i) prevent or restrict use or copying of Uddr Content; or, (ii) enforce limitations on the use of the Uddr Services or the accessible Uddr Content;

k. not to use the Uddr Site or the App to copy, store, host, transmit, send, use, publish or distribute any material which consists of (or is linked to) any spyware, Viruses, trojans, worms, keystroke logger, rootkit, logic bombs or other material which is malicious or technologically harmful;

l. to comply with all technology control or export laws and regulations that apply to the technology used or supported by the App;

m. not infringe Our Intellectual Property Rights or those of any third party in relation to Your use of the App, the Uddr Site or the Uddr Services including the submission of any material (to the extent that such use is not licensed herein);

n. not to attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Uddr Site, the server on which Our Uddr Site is stored, or any server, computer or database connected to Our Uddr Site;

o. not use the App, the Uddr Site or the Uddr Services in a way that could damage, disable, overburden, impair or compromise Our systems or security or interfere with other SPs;

p. not to conduct any systematic or automated data collection activities (including without limitation scraping, data mining, data extraction and data harvesting) on or in relation to any Uddr Member of the Uddr Site, the App or the Uddr Services, or attempt to decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running any Uddr Service; and,

q. not attack Our Site via a denial-of-service attack or a distributed denial-of service attack.

By breaching certain provisions above, You would commit a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. We will report any such breach to the relevant law enforcement authorities, and We will co-operate with those authorities by disclosing Your identity to them. In the event of such a breach, Your right to use the Uddr Site and the Uddr Platform will cease immediately. You are responsible for configuring Your information technology, computer programmes and platform in order to access the Uddr Site. You should use Your own Virus protection software.

11. Warranties and Indemnities

11.1 As a UU, you warrant, represent and undertake to Uddr that:

a. You will keep Your UU Login details (as applicable), secure and confidential;

b. You will comply at all times with Your UU Obligations set out at Clause 5;

c. all information submitted to the Uddr Platform by You is true, accurate and complete in all respects;

d. You will follow the Uddr Complaints Procedure referred to at Clause 8;

e. You are solely responsible for any breach of Your UU obligations under these Terms due to Your act, omission, default or Your failure to comply with any of Your UU obligations under these Terms and for the consequences of any such breach or failure and You further acknowledge that:

i. Uddr is likely to have many UUs accessing and using the App concurrently and any number of UUs may attempt to choose the same SP for the same Uddr Service without success due to demand but there will be other options available to You;

ii. Uddr Promotions may be subject to a Uddr Promotion Window after which they will expire; and,

iii. Uddr do not check, audit, vet, monitor or control: the identity, credit worthiness or bona fides of SPs or the accuracy of the Item/Service Pricing or descriptions of Item(s)/Services(s) displayed on the Uddr Platform as submitted directly by a SP.

11.2 Accordingly, we make no warranty, and hereby further expressly disclaim any liability to You and You agree that You have no claim against Uddr in relation to any Claims asserted against, or Losses suffered by You due to or in connection with:

a. any breach by You of these Terms or breach of warranty by You;

b. the matters listed at Clause 11.1;

c. the acts, omissions, conduct of any UU in connection with or otherwise related to Your use of the Uddr Services;

d. errors in Item Pricing or descriptions of Item(s) displayed on the Uddr Platform;

e. failed attempts to redeem any Uddr Promotions outside of the Uddr Promotion Window;

f. due to any errors or omissions on the App in relation to any reliance placed by You on any mis-descriptions, misrepresentations, inaccuracy or incompleteness in respect of the UU Information or other Uddr Content (whether innocent, negligent or fraudulent);

g. interruptions of service on the Uddr Site or the App or throughout the worldwide web occurring at any time;

h. due to Your failure or inability to use the Uddr Platform functionality at any point in time, or, where the functionality of the Uddr Platform is unavailable at any time for any period;

i. connected to any linked third-party website or any statements, information, content, products or services that are published on, or may be accessible from, any linked third-party website including any SP Service Terms or UU Service Terms;

k. due to any changes which Uddr may make to the Uddr Services, or for any permanent or temporary cessation in the provision of the Uddr Services (or any features within the Uddr Services);

l. the deletion of, corruption of, or failure to store, any communications data maintained or transmitted by or through Your use of the Uddr Services;

all of which are at Your own sole risk and You hereby release Uddr (and Our agents and employees) from all Claims and Losses (actual and consequential and direct and indirect) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in any way connected with these.

11.3 We shall in no circumstances be liable to You in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise for any and all Losses suffered by You or Claims asserted against You including consequential, special or incidental loss or damage (whether direct or indirect) arising from Your use of the Uddr Site, the App or the Uddr Services.

11.4 Uddr’s total maximum liability arising under or in connection with this Uddr Licence, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise shall not exceed, in respect of any Order, an amount equivalent to the UU Charges paid to Uddr in respect of the relevant Order.

11.5 Nothing in these Terms is intended nor shall it be construed as an attempt by any party to exclude or limit any liability for:

a. fraudulent misrepresentations;

b. any liability where the law does not permit such exclusion of liability; and,

c. death or personal injury arising from negligence.

11.6 We only supply the App for domestic and private use, and You agree not to use the App for any commercial, business or resale purposes.

11.7 Except as expressly set out in these Terms, Uddr gives no warranties and excludes all other express or implied terms, conditions and warranties.

12. Uddr Content

12.1 With the exception of content submitted to the Uddr Site by You, all other content and the selection and arrangement of such content on the Uddr Site and App constitutes ‘Uddr Content‘ and is either owned by, or licensed to, Uddr and is subject to copyright, trade mark rights, and other Intellectual Property Rights of Uddr and licensors of Uddr. Such Uddr Content is protected by UK copyright laws and international laws. Any third-party trade or service marks present on Uddr Content not uploaded or posted by You are trade or service marks of their respective owners. Such Uddr Content may not be downloaded, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited for any other purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of Uddr or, where applicable, the licensors of Uddr. Uddr and/ or its licensors reserve all rights not expressly granted in and to their Uddr Content.

12.2 Any material that You wilfully upload to Our App (‘SP-Generated-Content‘) will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary, and to the extent that such material is protected by Intellectual Property Rights, You grant Us a perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free licence to use, copy, modify, publish, distribute, sell and disclose to third parties any such material for any purpose related to Our business (‘ SP-IP Licence‘).

13. Entire Terms/Severability

These Terms incorporate Our Cookie Policy, Privacy Statement, and the App Licence (and the relevant Appstore Rules therein) where applicable which together constitute the entire agreement between You and Uddr in relation to Your use of the Uddr Site or the App to access the Uddr Services on the App and supersedes any prior representations, inducements or agreements relating to its subject matter. Should the courts strike-out as invalid or unenforceable or otherwise alter any part of these Terms, the remaining Terms shall remain valid and in force.

14. Assignment

These Terms shall be personal to You and You may not assign, transfer or delegate all or any of Your rights and obligations, without Uddr’s prior written consent. Uddr reserves the right to assign or transfer all or any of its rights and obligations under these Terms to any companies in the same group as Uddr or other third party. In the event of assignment or transfer, Notification will either be given to You by email or posted on the App in accordance with Clause 2.3.

15. No Waiver

Failure by either Uddr or You to exercise or enforce any right conferred shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any such right nor operate so as to bar that exercise or enforcement thereof or of any other right on any later occasion.

16. Third Party Rights

You may enforce these Terms in accordance with the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 (the ‘Act‘). Except as provided above, these Terms do not create any right enforceable by any person who is not a party to it under the Act, but do not affect any right or remedy that a third party has which exists or is available apart from that Act.

17. Law and Jurisdiction

All of these Terms are governed by English Law and any disputes arising in relation to these Terms and/or the Uddr Site or the App are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

18. Support and Contact

We are your only and first point of contact for any support you might require, complaints you have or any other queries. Please contact us on our email info@uddr.co.uk and we will try to help and support you and will take responsibility for any complaints you might have in regard to Uddr or its Services.

19. Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable use policy (AUP):

Users of uddr may not in any way utilise the online/mobile platform for any activity that:

Violates any UK laws or government regulation.

Violates any rule or regulation stating the acceptable code of conduct enforced by uddr on the SP’s.

Violates any rule or regulation by Visa, Mastercard or any Credit Card Network (CCN) that is utilised by uddr on its platform for payment use.

Violates any rules or regulations dictated by our payment service provider.

Is fraudulent, deceptive, unfair or predatory.

Causes or threatens reputational damage to uddr or any CCN.

Involves any of the business categories which are age-restricted such as alcoholic beverage (exceptions apply if age is verified).

Results in or creates significant risk of chargebacks, penalties, damages or other harm or liability.

20. Independent Contractors

1. All SPs are independent contractors.

2. A SPs relationship through the uddr platform shall be treated as neither a partner nor an employee of uddr Ltd. The SP shall be responsible for all taxes in respect of fees and monies and his own contributions and the SP undertakes to compensate uddr Ltd in full on demand for any liability it and its representatives suffer if any relevant government department treats the SP in this case as an employee for the purposes of taxation and/or contributions.

21. Definitions

In these Terms (except where the context otherwise requires) the following words shall have the following meanings:

UU: Uddr user

SP: Service Provider

Appstore: refers to the online store(s) from where You can download the App.

Appstore Rules: refers to the rules of the relevant Appstore.

Business Day: any day which is not a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in the UK.

Claim(s): means all demands, claims and liability (actual and consequential and direct and indirect and whether known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, criminal or civil, in contract, tort or otherwise) for all Losses including any other expenses of any nature whatsoever.

Commencement Date: the date You register as a UU and download the App and obtain a UU Login.

Complaint Notification: refers to a complaint made by a SP in relation to the UU Services.

Data Protection Legislation: means all applicable data protection laws, regulations, legislative and regulatory requirements and codes of practice and when in force the EU data protection regulation 2016/679 .

SP: refers to the registered Service providers who uses the App to advertise services and products.

SP Account: refers to the SP’s online account accessible by using the SP Login to access the App and populate with service(s)/Products.

UU-Generated-Content: refers to content uploaded to the Uddr Platform by the SP (Clause 12.2) including but not limited to profile pictures, addresses and/or ratings.

SP-IP Licence: as referred to in Clause 12.2

SP Legal Policies: refers to all the terms of the Uddr Licence (and the Appstore Rules as applicable) but not including the Food Provider Service Terms as amended, superseded or replaced by Uddr from time to time.

UU Login: as referred to at Clause 3.

UU Obligations: refers to those obligations listed at Clause 8 which are non-exhaustive.

UU Order Acknowledgement: as referred to in Clause 3e.

UU Order Details: in respect of the Order placed by the SP, shall contain the first name, first letter of the surname, list of Item(s) with quantities, Item Pricing, selected Uddr Collection Slot, collection/delivery option and the time when the Order was placed.

UU Information: the data input in to the App by a UU in real-time including but not limited to details of the UU Services that UU can fulfil, the Item Pricing and the number of Orders they can potentially fulfil per Uddr order.

UU Network: refers to the Uddr network of SPs who offer services(s) and products

UU Ratings: refers to the aggregated average of all ratings that SPs award to UUs in respect of meals purchased which are made public on the App.

UU Services: refers to the services to be provided by a SP to a UU by way of Order processing services in accordance with the SP Legal Policies and the SP Service Terms.

Intellectual Property Rights: refers to all patents, rights to inventions, software rights, copyright and neighbouring and related rights, trademarks and service marks, business names and domain names, rights in get-up and trade dress, goodwill and the right to sue for passing off or unfair competition, rights in designs, database rights, rights to use, and protect the confidentiality of, confidential information (including know-how and trade secrets) and all other intellectual property rights, in each case whether registered or unregistered and including all applications and rights to apply for and be granted, renewals or extensions of, and rights to claim priority from, such rights and all similar or equivalent rights or forms of protection which subsist or will subsist now or in the future in any part of the world including all those pertaining to the App.

Item: refers to a product/service made available to purchase from a SP as part of the fulfilment of the SP Services provided to a UU via the App.

Item Pricing: refers to the per Item pricing established by a SP and published on the App.

Losses: claims, losses, demands, actions, third party claims, damages, costs (including court costs and legal fees), fines, liabilities, obligations, liens and expenses.

Notification: refers to any notification that can be sent to any party via the App and the Uddr Site.

Order(s): refers to those orders for Item(s) placed by UUs via the App which are administered by Uddr and fulfilled by SPs.

Service(s): refers to those orders for Services placed by UUs via the App which are administered by Uddr and fulfilled by SPs.

Personal Data: as defined in the Data Protection Legislation.

Virus: anything or device (including any software, code, file or programme) which may: prevent, impair or otherwise adversely affect the operation of any computer software, hardware or network, any telecommunications service, equipment or network or any other service or device; prevent, impair or otherwise adversely affect access to or the operation of any programme or data, including the reliability of any programme or data (whether by re-arranging, altering or erasing the programme or data in whole or part or otherwise); or adversely affect the user experience, including worms, Trojan horses, viruses and other similar things or devices.

Uddr App Licensed Rights: as set out in the App Licence.

Uddr Business Hours: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm local UK time, each Business Day.

Uddr Content: as referred to in Clause 12.

Uddr Discounts: refers to those discounts that the UU set to apply to their original price at which the Item is usually sold outside of the Uddr Services.

Uddr Parties: includes Uddr and its affiliated or related companies and subsidiaries and their respective joint ventures, successors, assigns, directors, sub-contractors, officers, employees and agents.

Uddr Platform: refers to the combination of the App and the Uddr Site inclusive of the Uddr Software as applicable.

Uddr Promotion(s): refers to any promotion that Uddr markets to UUs including the use of coupons or vouchers which can be redeemed by a UU as against the SP Services or the Uddr Services as applicable.

Uddr Promotion Window: refers to the period of validity during which a Uddr Promotion remains valid and is redeemable.

Uddr Services: the software as a service solution administered and facilitated by Uddr via the App which enables UUs to browse and place Orders and delivery services fulfilled by a nominated SP.

Uddr Site: refers to the website at www.uddr.co.uk and any sub-domain or any domain that may be included from time to time.

Uddr Software: refers to the self-serve software pertaining to the Uddr Platform which is owned by Uddr and is licensed non-exclusively to UUs to the extent necessary for UUs to make full use of the App to enable them to place Orders for Item(s)/Service(s) and have those Item(s) delivered.

Uddr User(s): refers to a UU.

Service Provider(s): refers to SP.

Version 1 of these terms and conditions is effective as of 23 January 2019.