Uddify and JBXO Embroidery Partner to Empower Local Businesses in Torfaen and South Wales


April 11, 2024


Exciting news is on the horizon as Uddify, a platform dedicated to empowering businesses to craft standout websites, proudly announces its partnership with Jacob's Boutique (JBXO), a thriving local business rooted in the heart of South Wales. This collaboration is poised to infuse fresh vitality into the local economy by offering comprehensive support to local businesses across Torfaen/South Wales.

About Jacob's Boutique (JBXO)

Founded in 2017 as a passion project during founder Rhiannon's maternity leave, Jacob's Boutique (JBXO) has evolved into a vibrant enterprise headquartered in Cwmbran, South Wales. Rhiannon's entrepreneurial acumen has garnered recognition through the #ialso2023 campaign with f:entrepreneur, earning her a prestigious spot among the Top 100 UK Female Entrepreneurs. JBXO has also earned accolades from esteemed publications such as Wales Insider, South Wales Argus, Business News Wales, and Cwmbran Life.

Introducing Uddr

Uddify is a user-friendly platform designed to empower all businesses, no matter how small, to easily create and manage professional websites. With Uddify's streamlined process, even those without technical skills or web development experience can establish their online presence in less than 60 minutes. The intuitive editor allows for real-time updates, ensuring websites stay fresh and engaging. Uddify also offers high-speed publishing, built-in SEO capabilities, and features such as global content delivery and on-the-fly image compression to enhance user experience. 

A Unified Vision

Through this strategic alliance, Uddr and Jacob's Boutique (JBXO) are thrilled to support local businesses in Torfaen and South Wales. Businesses joining via JBXO will gain access to Uddr's digital package, which includes a complimentary website, robust support, comprehensive marketing services, and more. Additionally, eligible businesses will enjoy a £150 discount on their next workwear bundle exceeding £150 with Uddr.

Rhiannon, the driving force behind JBXO, radiates enthusiasm for the collaboration, affirming, "We are thrilled to partner with Uddr in extending comprehensive support to local businesses. We're excited to meet other purpose-led businesses that align with our dedication to nurturing growth and fostering innovation within the community."

David Smith, CEO and Managing Director of Uddr echoes her sentiments, emphasising the importance of championing local enterprises. "At Uddr, we are committed to offering practical solutions for small businesses. Through this partnership, we aim to equip Torfaen and South Wales businesses with the essential tools to thrive in today's competitive landscape."

Uddr extends a warm invitation to prospective partners eager to embark on similar collaborative endeavours and join them as they pave the way for the success of local businesses in Torfaen and South Wales! To find out more, please contact David Smith on hello@uddr.co.uk 

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